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5 Tips to Get More Impact from Your Catalog

Curling up on the couch while flipping through a catalog is a way to drift away from distractions. It feels authentic. Your catalog is your first impression with new prospects. Not simply a vehicle to showcase your offerings, your catalog offers a glimpse into your brand identity and what you find important. It's what helps recipients form perceptions about you and how you might approach their business. For current customers, your catalog is equally important. They are already buying from you, so they want what you’re selling. Still, their attention requires effort. Mailing frequently is a good idea, but if your catalog is too familiar, they can dismiss it as something they’ve seen before.

So what are some keys to increasing your catalog’s impact? Here are five tips from the pros at Kappa:


Use Professional Design

One of the greatest ways to command attention is through great-looking design. You need a look that is unique, intriguing, and speaks to your image. Certainly, not every cataloger is selling timeshares in Bora Bora, but you still need one that generates interest. While some content management systems (CMSs) can make development plug-and play, they can also convey a templated look. Make the investment to avoid this. If your products aren’t worth the presentation, they’re probably not worth the price tag either.


Mix It Up

If you’ve been mailing the same-old, standard-sized catalog for a while, it's time to spice things up. Surprise recipients with a tabloid, digest, or even square piece. Experiment with a sneak-peak or an all-encompassing “best of the best.” Consider a horizontal format. Some of the most effective catalogs are the ones recipients don’t expect. You can also spruce up your look with foil stamping, spot or full coatings, or special PMS inks. Add them to photos of new products or best-sellers to add a new dimension. If you’re short on budget, focus on your catalog’s cover. This is what will ultimately commit recipients to read your catalog through.


Make It User-Friendly

A catalog is only successful if its pulls. Engage consumers and make it easy to follow. Strive for continuity, include reviews, and make it easy to get more information. Most important, provide multiple options for ordering, clearly, on every page.


Select Paper Stock Wisely

The substrate you select can have a tremendous effect on impact. Thin stock can make you look cheap. High-gloss too can be problematic, as large amounts of description text can be hard to read. Kappa offers hundreds of quality catalog stocks to get you noticed. You can choose from various weights in gloss, satin, matte, and other finishes — and amongst a number of recycled, biodegradable, and even tree-free stocks to support your sustainability efforts. If your catalog has a long shelf life, you may also want to think about archival quality. Discuss your objectives with our experts when ordering.


Think Quality

A high-quality catalog may cost a little more, but you'll never regret your investment. Cheap ones tell recipients you cut corners. That will make them wonder about the integrity of the products in it. Be assured that with Kappa, you’ll get the quality that best represents your company. Our Random Lake, WI, plant has won 19 Gold Inks over the last three years alone!

With good planning and a trusted print partner, you can create a great catalog with lasting impact. In addition to printing, Kappa also offers comail distribution to help you minimize postage costs and expedite delivery cycles.

Contact your Kappa account executive or our catalog experts today for more tips, printing samples, or a quote .