Kappa: We think like a publisher 

Our team has the knowledge and expertise to help customers feel comfortable because we put the customer first. Our experienced Customer Service Teams are good listeners and communicators. 

They can be trusted to quickly understand what you need, to think on their feet and take the initiative to deliver the solution that works for you.

Your frontline contacts understand procedures and are not afraid to exercise good judgement and take charge when you need a smart solution. 

Kappa offers digest, standard, and tabloid-size formats

We addded a 48pp press and all of our presses are equipped with inline register-control and closed-loop color.

Saddle-stitch and perfect binding for cost-effective production of Award winning publication work.

  • Long run
  • Short run
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Bookazines
  • Specials

Kappa offer glossy and matte UV coating and varnish as well as spot colors, and web printing for 9pt covers. 

Mail and Newsstand expertise.

Comail, Commingle, Bound Printed Matter, and Dropship mailing services at your disposal.


Contact   your Kappa account executive or our catalog experts today for more tips, printing samples, or a quote.