Challenge and Solution

Weekly magazine was produced for many years at the same location but it was time for a change. How do you make the move to a new printer without missing the critical deadlines and maintain the quality the readers expect?

Detailed review of publisher’s page files and preprinting a test form on the actual paper enabled Kappa to fine-tune plate curves to allow the reproduction the client sought right from the start of the first form. The press start was smooth. The bindery had product in time to make the critical dispatches. The entire production team was focused on one goal: customer satisfaction.

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how pleased we are with Times Printing’s performance. The first weekly issue printed in Random Lakes turned out good and went off without problems. I credit this performance to the fine team and its leadership at Times Printing. Your preparation paid off! Your whole team has the refreshing attitude of getting things done without any fuss, of getting things right and working on continues improvement. Anybody we met, either in daytime or during night shift showed a remarkable great attitude. You also demonstrated that we can work as partners. Publisher, printer and paper folks need to work together to make all of us successful.
SRVP Production


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