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Meet Alice Manack, Mail Services & Postal Affairs

Affiliations & Distinctions:

Alice took a break from her busy daily planning and production work to respond to a few questions. The energy and enthusiasm in her voice is intensified by an unassuming charm and makes it impossible not to get excited about Mail Services & Postal Affairs.


Mailing likely seems mundane. What makes mailing so exciting?

The technology is changing, so for me, this keeps it interesting. Yet, mailing requirements can be daunting; the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) alone can be overwhelming. My role here is what energizes me. I love the fact that I can present mailing information in a way that actually makes sense. It’s wonderful to hear, “Oh wow, I finally get it!”

Customers know I am really excited about what I do and that I care. I am proud that I can make the process easier. I know that many people go into mailing thinking, "Ugh, I hate the post office." So I go into my job knowing, "I’m going to make this less difficult and more understandable!"

You have a broad reach and understanding in the world of mail. Where does Kappa give customers an advantage?

Kappa can offer customers a bit of everything. We have the capacity and flexibility to handle the highest and lowest volumes for any type of mail from standard, to periodicals, to bound printed matter. Our on-site USPS facility enables us to have finished mail verified, accepted and sent on its way without delay.

We provide destination entry to NDC, SCF and DDU postal facilities; copalletization; selective saddle stitch inkjet addressing; and other functions to help clients save money. Comailing service for flat size mail saves customers approximately 20% on postage costs.

It seems like postal regs are constantly in flux. How can mailers keep up?

Well, we certainly are here to help! I write regular updates on changes — both active and pending — that our account executives can share with our clients. I also recommend mailers sign up for “Industry Alerts” at http://www.usps.gov or check RIBBS (Rapid Information Bulletin Board System) weekly at https://ribbs.usps.gov

As a longtime MTAC member, you are in the know about late-breaking postal innovations and dynamics. What's next in mailing?

Seamless acceptance of mail. The technologies are there to start eliminating some of the cumbersome, front-end processes. Customers who mail may already notice fewer complications and easier access to postal products and services. The USPS is evolving — but it will take some time.

What's next for Alice?

I will definitely stay involved in associations like MTAC and its workgroups. I’m excited to be involved and see new changes and their progression. What I bring back from these to my role here is very valuable to our clients. I know they are trusting us with their “baby.” It is our baby, too! We are always looking for ways we can provide the maximum value to the client and increase the reward of their efforts.